Gentlecare, 59
United States, Texas
I am a transparent person who always sees life as a place to live and learn, so I don't blame anyone for making mistake because our mistakes teaches us we are only human and we don't know it all. I am looking to find a woman that shares same value...
caringheart, 62
United States, California
I am real, a true gentleman, emotionally stable yet not afraid to show my emotions and feelings, I am grounded yet spontaneous, laid back yet serious when the situation calls for it to be, forever the eternal optimist, can carry on my half of an...
glace1111, 47
United States, Minnesota
I'm a very adventurers and open mind type.o love being spontaneous and keep u guessing
masharal, 41
United States, Michigan
An easy going person who like something challenging and new at all time
Silveste, 34
United States, Nevada
An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. -- Robert Louis Stevenson
Prescott54, 32
United States, Washington
there is no royal road to learning.
Norau, 37
United States, Pennsylvania
Love alone can release the power of the atom so it will work for man and not against him.